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Magento 2 ajax login extension , facilitates your visitors to quickly login or register from any page without redirecting or reloading the page. This AJAX login extension speeds up the default login functionality by making it smoother and more appealing to the customers.

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Description about the extension

The Magento AJAX Login module is very easy and friendly in configuration. Just several minutes are necessary to make login faster and increase customer satisfaction level. This happens via a pop-up window without refreshing the current page.

Why do Ajax Compare?

With the AJAX Login module, native Magento login functionality is greatly improved and simplified at the same time. After a customer clicks the Login button, a special pop-up window appears. Visitors can create an account, specify his/her email and password to log in, or recover the password directly from the pop-up window.

Key Benefits

  • Serve focused & hassle-free shopping experience to your customers.
  • Your customer can log in or register from any page of your store.
  • Saves time of your customers & reduce clicky navigation.
  • Three animated forms for Login, Registration, and Forgot Password.
  • Enable/Disable the ajax login module at any time from Magento backend.
  • It directly increases the number of registered users.
  • Eliminates the default login and registration process of Magento 2.

Frontend and Admin Screen:

The AJAX Login option can be used in the following sections,

Form

When you log in with a default Magento, clicking the "sign in" top link will load a new page (the login page). With AJAX Login, clicking the "sign in" top link will display a popup in which the users can login without redirect the page.

Registration Form

The AJAX Login extension allows you to redirect customers to any pages after successful logging in, registration, or password recovering. By the way, the Magento login module allows a customer to stay on the current page as well.

Backend Configuration

With Magento 2 Ajax Login extension, customers can sign up or log in on a site quickly within a few clicks instead of wasting time on filling in the register or login form.Enable/Disable the ajax login module at any time from Magento backend.

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