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Who We Are
The huge gap in the process, quality and lack of awareness that prevailed in the Indian IT industry nurtured the idea of launching a one-stop development company that delivers high-value services to its clients. However, the first step to accomplishing the vision was laid in 2016 when we incorporated OX SoftwareS as a service and product development company that delivers complex web and mobile solutions to clients across the globe.

With an expert team that consists of project managers, developers (front-end & backend), designers and testers, we are all set to overcome any technical challenge that can turn our client's creative ideas or pain points into everlasting web experiences and products.
Our Journey

Expansion and Phasing towards the Vision

To meet the demands on our growing team we relocated at the beginning of the year and are continuing on our expanding spree.

We have also begun to work on OX Software’s vision to become a global leader in the software product development industry.

Growth (To power of infinity)

With successful clients piling up in our kitty, we increased our team exponentially giving way for growth.

It was in this year that we also started building websites and web-based applications in another platform, Symfony. A mobile app development team was also set, thus making us a one-stop shop for the digital presence of a company.

Focus and Build

Having renamed and rebranded as OX SoftwareS, we restructured to focus on clients in the service industry over product based companies. Our aim was to build experiences, not just products.

To new beginnings

With new enthusiastic team members on board the company started off once again, but this time we started providing services in web development, exclusively in Magento and Wordpress.

It was in this year when we also got the official Magento certification.

Funding crisis

The company came to a standstill due to lack of funds but the untiring efforts of the team still kept the business afloat.

Founded in 2009

A vision of building a software product development company led to the start of OX Infotech in 2009.

With every company set in its own league and ‘n’ number of companies in the market, a customer has innumerable choices to pitch on from. Read on to understand why we are outstanding in the web development industry and rated as the top software development company
Technical Expertise
We are blessed with a team of passionate programmers ( Magento / WordPress / UI / UX designers) who are inquisitive about the new facets of mobile and web technologies. With such a tech savvy team, OX has the much needed manpower to execute clients’ requirements at a stretch!
Business Expertise
With each client becoming an identity for us, utmost care is taken right from the planning to design, development, deployment and maintenance. With an expertise of nearly a decade and a dedicated team we retain finest business interactions possible with our clients.
Focus on Quality
Focusing on quality and treating it as an integral part of our mission, we provide clients with the highest quality products supplemented by prompt services. We never compromise on quality however big or small the project is because we know that your website is the gateway of your vision.
Dedicated Service Support
OX Softwares maintains a special business development and support team to provide exclusive technical advice and information to customers whenever needed. This lets our clients stay in peace as they will get a clear picture of the loops knots of the trade.
Our Awesome clients
For over 9 years, OX SoftwareS has been helping top companies and established brands to build solid software foundations for their businesses.
Great things need great mindset
Let’s collaborate to improve the world through design & technology.